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Custom Online Stores/ Fundraisers

Team Orders' Custom Store Process

Online Stores:

Tired of chasing down customers for payment? Your nightmares are now over! We generate personalized online stores for you to sell your products. Customers go on, pick their products, and pay directly to us so you no longer have to worry about it! The online store will eliminate ALL of the hassle. YOU decide if you want to keep a store open year round OR for a limited time.


With every online store, you can charge whatever you want for an item. For example, if a shirt costs $15, you can charge $25 and the $10 difference goes right to you! You do nothing and you make money!

  • -No more chasing payments
  • -We handle everything from setting up the store to delivery
  • -Stores can remain open all year
  • -No order minimums
  • -Quick Turnaround
  • -If an item is backordered or unavailable we will work with your individual customers and find out the best solution. Your customers will never be waiting around for answers on their order; we give the option to choose a different color, size or even a comparable item. No one can match our individualized customer service!

Check out one of our sample stores here: Sample Store